Custody Agreement When Parents Live In Different States

If the child has not lived in a state since birth or in the last six months, the child has no state of origin. If there is no State of origin, the courts consider which State is best able to resolve the case. They consider the significant links between the child and the state. For example, the state in which the child`s parents, teachers or doctors are located, who may be potential witnesses when a trial is needed, has important links. If there is no State of origin, the court of a State may decide to assume jurisdiction when: the courts adopt rules of custody based on the best interests of each child. It is therefore possible for a parent to have exclusive and legal physical custody. However, it is also possible for a parent to have sole custody while sharing joint physical custody. This is the second in a series of three articles about parents and children who live in different states or hope to live in different states. The first article, can my child move from New Jersey? , describes the New Jersey laws that apply when a parent wants to move with one or more children from New Jersey. The third article, Child Support Issues for Parents Living in Different States, discusses issues related to child support for parents living in different states.

Sometimes parents who live in different states always manage to share joint physical custody of the child equally when the parties are so inclined. After all, states have national borders that are easy to cross. If one parent lives west of Wisconsin and the other in eastern Minnesota, there is no law that would prohibit them from doing so. If you and the other parent agree on the state in which you wish to submit your education plan, you must follow the policies of that state when developing your plan and child care plan. Tours may include autumn and spring holidays, part of the Christmas holidays and longer visits during the summer holidays. You can also agree on Thanksgiving and Easter, for example. B if the child can spend alternating holidays with any parent. There`s a lot to keep in mind when creating a long-haul plan. In addition to the normal things to consider when setting a schedule, you should also consider the following. Question from Valerie: My ex has left the state and now I want me to pay and make the travel arrangements for his visit with the children. .