An Agreement Was Signed Between The Dutch And The British. What Was It Called

The peace agreements in which Spain participated took longer. Spain`s treaty with Britain (July 13) gave Gibraltar and Menorca to Britain. The treaty was preceded by the Asiatiqueto Agreement, by which Spain granted Britain the exclusive right to supply the Spanish colonies with African slaves for the next 30 years. On August 13, 1713, the Spanish contract with Savoy was concluded, which conferred the former Spanish ownership of Sicily on Viktor Amadeus II as part of the war prey. In exchange, he renounced his claims to the throne of Spain. The peace between Spain and the Dutch was delayed until 26 June 1714 and that between Spain and Portugal until the Treaty of Madrid (February 1715). Negotiations between Canning and Fagel began on July 20, 1820. The Dutch persevered in the British task of Singapore. Indeed, canning was not sure of the exact circumstances in which Singapore was acquired and, initially, only undisputed issues such as free navigation rights and the elimination of piracy were agreed. Discussions on this subject were suspended on 5 August 1820 and did not resume until 1823, when the commercial value of Singapore was recognized by the British. The Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824 officially demarcated two territories: Malaya, ruled by the United Kingdom, and Dutch East India, ruled by the Netherlands. The states of Malaya are Malaysia and Singapore, and the Dutch-Indian state that succeeds it is Indonesia. The line that separated the spheres of influence between the British and the Dutch eventually became the border between Indonesia and Malaysia (a small segment became the border between Indonesia and Singapore).

Subsequent colonial influence also concerned the Malay language, often spoken as a regional language between these islands and subdivided into Malay and Indonesian variants. The treaty restored most of the Malaya territories that Britain had conquered during the Napoleonic Wars. It was signed by Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh, on behalf of the British and diplomat Hendrik Fagel, on behalf of the Dutch. [1] The Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824, which was to resolve many of the problems posed by the British occupation of Dutch colonial property during the Napoleonic Wars, as well as the trade rights that had existed for hundreds of years on the Spice Islands between the two nations, was a treaty that addressed a wide range of issues and the limits of expansion by both parts of the Malay world. Negotiations took place on the 15th Discussions focused on creating clear spheres of influence in the region. The Dutch, who understood that Singapore`s growth could not be curbed, insisted that they exchange their claims north of the Strait of Malacca and their Indian colonies in exchange for confirmation of their claims south of the strait, including the British colony of Bencoolen. The final contract was signed on 17 March 1824 by Fagel and Canning. You must apply for a BSN within 5 days of your arrival in the Netherlands. You must make an appointment with the municipality (gemeente) in which you live..

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