Veterans Care Agreement Application

In 2008, ACL launched a partnership with the Veterans Health Administration (HAV) to serve Veterans of all ages threatened by the Direct Veteran Program (VDC). Until 2018, the program was known as Veteran-Directd Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS). 3. The agreements covered in this paragraph (c) are subject to that part, unless that part is contrary to this section. For the purposes of this section, the term “per diem” in Part 51 includes payments under public home care agreements. In accordance with point b) (3) (iii) of S. 17.4110, a certified company or supplier applying for certification at the expiry of its three-year certification must request a recertification at least 60 days schedule before the expiry of its current certification; otherwise, the procedures under paragraph b) (3) (iv) of p. 17.4110 apply. When the company or supplier requests a recertification, including the transmission of new or updated information under paragraph b) (1) of page 17.4110, request by VA in connection with such a recertification request, VA will re-evaluate the company or supplier in accordance with the criteria set out in paragraph b) (2) of page 17.4110. THE PREND A DECISION OF APPROBATION OR REJET OF THE RECERTIFICATION DEMANDE IN the SIXTY DAY CALENDARY FOLLOWING THE RECEPTION OF THE DEMANDE, to the extent that this is feasible. Notification of the decision is communicated in writing to the applicant. Recertification notifications set the date and duration of certification. The refusal notices set out the concrete reasons for the refusal and the supporting documents.

A refusal is VA`s final decision on the recertification application. We believe that the procedures set out in the provisions of S. 17.4105 (b) (3) (iii) provide appropriate notification to a company or supplier: in order to begin and complete the Printed Page 21671 re-ertification start-up process, and to report that VA will verify recertification in accordance with the criteria of page 17.4110 (b) (2), as VA is required to perform recertification in accordance with Section 1703A (c) (2). As with the first certification, we find that a written notification is sufficient for companies and suppliers to disclose their relative recertification status and that VA`s refusal notification for recertification is VA`s final decision on the recertification application. In accordance with paragraph b) (3) (iv) of S. 17.4110 is finally established that if a certified company or a certified supplier, after the expiry of the period covered at paragraph (3) (iii) of page 17.4110 (less than 60 days before the expiry of the three-year period), such an application constitutes a new application for certification and is processed in accordance with paragraphs b) (1) -2 of page 17.4110. In accordance with Section 1703A (c) (1), the VA will set a deadline for receiving a certification application to require THE VA to adopt a written decision to approve or deny certification within 120 days of receiving an application, if possible.