Term Agreement For Services

6.1 Duration. This contract begins on the validity date indicated in the purchase order and continues for the initial subscription period indicated in the order form, unless the agreement is terminated prematurely pursuant to the terms of that agreement.6.2 Termination for hardware violation. Any party may terminate this contract if the other party does not resolve its substantial breach of this agreement within 60 days of receiving written notification of the substantial infringement from the uninjured party. You will consider any violation of this Agreement by your partner, authorized user or approved third party to be an infringement. The information within the meaning of this subsection comes into effect when the partner of the offence receives a written information from the non-infringing party that can only take place when the offence has not cured its essential offence during the 60 days of the 60-day period. If you do not pay the subscription fee or professional service fee in a timely manner, we may suspend the provision of the service, professional services and technical assistance until we have received all amounts due, or terminate this contract in accordance with this subsection.6.3 Obligations after termination. If this contract is terminated for any reason: (a) we are not required to provide or perform services, professional services or technical assistance services after the effective date of termination; (b) You will immediately pay us a subscription fee, professional services and other amounts incurred prior to the effective date of termination; (c) all debts incurred prior to the effective date of the information are maintained; (d) You will provide us with a written certificate signed by your authorized agent stating that any use of the service, customer software and documentation by you, your affiliates, authorized third parties and authorized users has been discontinued and that the client software has been uninstalled by your systems and your partners` computer systems; and (e) sections and subsections 1, 2, 3.7, 4.5, 5, 5, 6.3, 7, 8.3, 9.4, 11, 12 and 14 will be formed beyond termination. If this contract is terminated by us because of your undisputed substantial violation or by you that is not due to a substantial violation and not hardened by us, you pay us the sums owed according to the order form in force for the rest of the current term. If you terminate this contract due to our undisputed substantial breach as an exclusive remedy, we will grant you a proportionate refund of all subscription fees paid in advance but not used for the remainder of the current term. A common feature of a terms of use contract is a disclaimer stipulating that the site owner cannot be held responsible for any falsely posted information. It is important to structure your terms of use so that they represent your business and the services it offers. If not, you could set yourself up for liability issues. So try to avoid the use of a service contract model and focus on including important components.

4.1 Use of Optimizely services. Subject to all the terms of this Agreement, Optimizely grants the customer, during the term of the subscription, a global, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-conceded right, and a license for access and use of the optimization service shown on the customer`s order form, only for internal commercial purposes of the customer, but only in accordance with this agreement (including , but not limited to all applicable service-specific conditions), documentation and all applicable usage descriptions.