Signing Of The Withdrawal Agreement

The United Kingdom has informed the EU of the conclusion of the internal procedures necessary for the withdrawal agreement to enter into force. Moreover, by raising doubts about the implementation of an existing treaty, Britain is asking not only the EU, but also the world, to consider it an unreliable partner. His chances of securing a trade deal with the United States are certainly diminishing: congressional leaders have already said that if Brexit imposes the Good Friday deal, they will veto a free trade deal. In other countries, he is equally dismayed. As Brexit itself has shown, the right way to amend a treaty is to negotiate with its signatories and not to adopt unilateral domestic legislation that violates it. The government`s bombshell makes a deal increasingly unlikely at the end of the year. EU-27 leaders have proposed extending Brexit until 22 May 2019. It will be granted if the British Parliament approves the withdrawal agreement next week. Otherwise, EU leaders agree to postpone Brexit until 12 April 2019 and expect Britain to “point a course forward before that date.” He said the main task of the withdrawal negotiations would be to protect the interests of the EU and the interests of each of the 27 countries. He also stressed that access to the European single market requires acceptance of the EU`s four freedoms: people, goods, capital and services. This triggered Article 50 of the Treaty on the European Union, which defines the procedure for the withdrawal of an EU member state, thus opening a two-year countdown to withdrawal.

The Council, which met in the form of the EU-27, was informed by the Commission`s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, of recent developments in the Brexit negotiations. The chief negotiator submitted to ministers an agreement reached by negotiators on parts of the legislative text of the withdrawal agreement on citizens` rights, financial settlement, and a number of other withdrawal and transition issues. Faced with Brexit, EU-27 and UK negotiate withdrawal agreement Within the framework of the EU-27, the Council has prepared the Extraordinary European Council (Article 50) scheduled for Sunday 25 November 2018 and has decided on draft political declarations on future relations between the EU and the UK.