This website is dedicated to preserving the memories of Veterans of World War Two.  When it was first built in 2004 it was named after the 1973 ITV series, The World at War, which I believe is responsible for my lifelong interest in the Second World War.

Produced for Thames Television (UK), the series was narrated by Laurence Olivier. I was eight at the time of broadcast, and was bundled off upstairs by my parents because of the gruesome scenes that it might show. I listened to the whole 26 episode series through the floor of my bedroom. It was nearly twenty years later before I was able to watch the series on a video.

Perhaps no ONE TV series has had such a life shaping effect on a person?

Normandy Veterans at Arromanche

This website also aims to guide visitors around Normandy, and to show how the Second World War is remembered by living history groups.

This website is being relaunched in time for the Normandy 75th Commemorations. It is currently ‘work in progress’, so please bear with me as it develops and is ‘dusted off’ (Nov 2020)

Special thanks should be given to Veterans & their families for the memoirs on this website, and to the living historians who I have photographed to illustrate this website.

Ade Pitman, MA Military History